Software development, integration and support to improve the way you work.

Software solutions that are designed specifically for your business make you stand out from the crowd. They represent new revenue streams and opportunities to better engage staff and customers. If you can think of a system, process, functionality or user experience you need, we can build and support it for you.

We do this through our Software Solved services. Every day we create front-end web portals to back-end applications and everything in between. At Westfield Europe Ltd, our bespoke booking system cut administration time by two thirds, saving our client time and money.

  • Bespoke Software Development

    Sometimes businesses have a need that can’t be solved with an off the shelf software package. So you either end up paying for features you don’t need or compromising on the ones you do. But why settle?

    Bespoke software development enables you to create the exact system your business needs. And because it’s tailored to the way you work, it puts you ahead of the competition. No other organisation will have the same software unless you choose to share or sell it.

    How we can help you ?

    When off the shelf software won’t cut it, our experts will develop tailor-made software to solve your business challenges. Whatever feature, functionality or process you need, we can build it for you.

    Regardless of the stage you are at with your software project, we have the skills to bring your ideas to life. From requirements gathering and design to development and testing, our attention to detail ensures that every stage of your development project is completed on time and within budget.

    Why start your software development project with us?
    • A trusted UK company
    • Bespoke software is lower risk
    • We know technology
    • For the long term
    • Collaborative design
    • Agile development
    • Project recovery


  • Software Support and Maintenance

    When your software isn’t performing as it should, neither is your business. But it could be difficult to find out why. The original developers may no longer be around or temporary fixes have been found as new technology initiatives take priority.  This can software maintenance difficult and patchy.  

    At BLUESKYPRO, we don’t just fix the bugs. We stabilise your systems and resolve performance issues, allowing you to maximise your original investment.

    How we can help you ?

    We provide tailor-made support and maintenance for your software systems. And we do it regardless of whether it is an in-house, cloud, mobile or data application. Our outsourced software support can help you:

    • Troubleshoot and fix issues
    • Reduce maintenance costs
    • Free up IT resource to work on other projects
    • Provide scheduled maintenance
    • Prolong the life of existing systems
    • Ensure systems are ready for integration
    Why start your software development project with us?
    • Fast knowledge transfer
    • Direct access to developers
    • Service Level Agreements
    • Improving maintainability
    • Data/system preparedness
    • System health checks


  • Software Integration

    Getting your systems to ‘talk’

    Software Integration allows you to connect multiple applications into one central system. And it doesn’t take a huge budget or a lot of resource. By joining systems up, you’ll work faster, improve transparency and prolong the life of your business critical applications.

    How we can help you with Software Integration ?

    We help clients of all sizes to work better by connecting their disparate systems. Our integration experts are also skilled at integrating third party apps into your business. And we’ll take care of any front-end design as well as the back-end technicalities.

    Most organisations adopt different systems to address specific needs. Today these often include cloud and mobile apps that improve the work of individual departments. Many of these systems work in silos with manual effort involved to move information between them. But what you really need to drive your business forward is for these systems to seamlessly ‘talk’.

    Why start your software development project with us?
    • We understand the barriers
    • Keeping your data safe
    • The best solution for your budget
    • Improve user engagement
    • Communication
    • Integration tools that minimise risk
    • The long term view
  • Consultancy and Testing

    Give your software project the best chance of success

    It pays to be thorough. A well-defined scope and clear requirements saves you money and stress further down the line. Setting out exactly what you want to achieve and who for, will ultimately determine the success of your software project.

    That’s because it becomes a blueprint for the development lifecycle, helping keep your project on track at every stage. Particularly during Testing when meticulous planning really comes into its own.

    How we can help you

    We provide independent and impartial advice for all your technology challenges. And we can do it at any stage during your software project as a standalone service. You won’t be tied into us for your development.

    Whether you need short term strategic assistance or a longer term technology partner, we help you get the most from your IT investment. Our consultants can help with:

    • Feasibility studies
    • Usability and performance issues
    • Security and stability challenges
    • Testing and quality assurance
    • Requirements gathering
    • Minimum viable product development
    Why choose us for your Software Consultancy and Testing needs?
    • Sector experience
    • Practical guidance
    • You are not tied to us
    • Clear documentation
    • More than technical expertise
    • Legacy system migration 
    Testing and Quality Assurance

    Rigorous testing ensures that your systems are fit for purpose. Evaluating your solution against requirements is key to successful deployment and engaged users. As an independent testing partner, it is our goal to help you build risk free software solutions that drive your business forward.

    We’re committed to the highest quality standards and best in class test methodologies. Our experts understand how the evolving technology landscape is changing the approach and delivery of testing services. This means we can design the right testing services for your needs. And you don’t need to have a software project with us.  Our testing solutions include:

    • Functional Testing
    • Automated Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Quality Assurance Consultancy