Mobile Development

A full mobile service that enables true mobility from anywhere.

Mobility makes your business run better.  It empowers your staff and customers to be always-on, no matter where they are or what device they are using.  Having access to websites, applications and data at our fingertips has become a must-have for business advantage. 

  • Business App Development

    Be more productive, even on the go

    Most businesses have desktop applications that they want to use on other devices. Or an idea for a mobile application that needs to connect with a system back in the office. Whether these business apps increase efficiency, improve staff productivity or strengthen relationships with customers, we can make them work.

    How our Business app Development can help you

    We specialise in creating easy to use business applications that improve the way your business operates. From mobile apps for field-based staff to streamlined business processes, we ensure your information is accessible where and when it is needed.

    Our experts can also migrate or enhance any existing business applications to work on new devices or simply make them work better. It can be a complex challenge but our talented mobile consultants will work with you to build the right solution for your business.

    This could be a native, cross platform or web based application and could also incorporate a system integration project. As well as making it look great, we’re dedicated to delivering reliable and resilient software that ensures your apps are used all day, every day.

    Why choose us for your Business App Development?
    1. Multi-platform

    We’re skilled in developing for Android, iOS and Windows phones and tablets.

    2. Integrated UI/UX

    Our developers and designers work together and with you, at every stage of your project to keep the user front of mind.

    3. Connect the back-end

    Because we have knowledge of multiple technologies, your integration project will be seamless with minimal disruption to your business.

    4. Flexibility

    We think about your business growth. That’s why we develop solutions that that can scale if you need them to or quickly integrate with future systems you might adopt.

    5. Ongoing maintenance

    Your mobile app is a big investment. We’re experienced in supporting and enhancing all types of software to ensure it provides the maximum long term value.

  • Cross-Platform Apps

    Apps that reach, and engage, every user

    Most businesses want their apps to be used by as many people as possible. You may want to make a CRM system available to staff on the go, or adapt an online customer portal for mobile. The key is to make applications that seamlessly adapt to any mobile platform and any device. Allowing users to access them wherever they are and however they choose.

    If most of your audience are using the same platform, building a responsive app that adapts to different devices is quite straightforward. But when you’re dealing with an audience that could be using iOS, Android or Windows Phone your developers will need the skills to build and maintain a cross-platform app.

    How we can help you build Cross-Platform Apps

    Where it once was a headache to develop apps for multiple platforms and devices, there are now many options available. But not all options are equal. That’s why we continually research the various development tools to assess the quality of their performance, maintenance and user experience.

    Our cross-platform development framework of choice is Xamarin. Xamarin offers the unrivalled ability to build high performance apps that look and feel like the iOS, Android or Windows apps that your users are familiar with.

    We can also help you create sites and applications that are responsive. Keep your users happy and engaged by ensuring systems and applications adapt to the device that is being used to access them.

    Why choose us for your Cross-Platform App development?
    1. Cut development costs

    Building and maintaining native apps can be costly. Coding once instead of natively for each platform reduces the initial development cost as well as bringing down your ongoing maintenance budget.

    2. Faster development

    Because Xamarin uses one common language, our developers can share code across the different platforms. This saves a lot of time and can get your app to market faster.

    3. Prototyping

    User experience is at the heart of what we do. We can bring your apps to life through prototyping how the UI will appear across platforms, allowing you to make decisions earlier in the project.

    4. Projects large and small

    We find that Xamarin is suitable for large complex projects as well as smaller ones. Using the same coding base means that a developer can scale your app as your business grows.

    5. Native mobile skills

    Because they understand the native iOS, Android and Windows technologies and UI, our developers ensure that your app delivers uniform functionality across platforms and devices.

    6. Cost/benefit analysis

    Cross-platform application development incurs licence fees. To ensure you get the best solution for your budget, we work with you to understand if cross-platform is truly the right solution for your business goals.

    Talk to us today to make your mobility goals a reality. 


  • HTML5: Offline Apps

    Carry on working, even without connectivity

    With HTML5 you can build web apps that work offline. This means your staff can carry on working, even when they can’t get an internet connection. Building an offline app tailored to the way your business operates, creates a happier workforce and improves productivity. You can work seamlessly from any location without worrying about syncing data back to a central system or remembering to save work regularly. With HTML5, it happens automatically.

    How we can help you build Offline Apps

    Do you have staff that travel frequently or work from home? Maybe they are based in remote locations in the UK or across the world. We can help ensure that wherever they are, your workforce remain connected to business critical applications.

    Our team of technical consultants and user experience designers will work with you to develop your HTML5 application to meet the needs of your business and your users. Because we have expertise across many different technologies, we also take care of the back-end system integration. This ensures that data flows smoothly between systems, and ends up in the right format required by each one.

    HTML5 offline apps truly empower users to make better decisions quickly. And they don’t even need to install anything on their device. See how we helped Save the Children do exactly this.

    Why start your HTML5 Offline App development with us?
    1. Improve productivity

    Helping organisations of all sizes drive their business forward. That’s why clients choose MSM. We do this by helping to eliminate inefficient processes and streamline data between systems.

    2. Lower development costs

    Because HTML5 is an efficient coding language, development can often be faster and any future enhancements are quicker to implement.

    3. Flexible design

    With an in-house UI/UX team working closely with developers, we’re best placed to take advantage of the styling options in HTML5 to create an app that looks good and delivers on functionality.

    4. Reporting and dashboards

    Get the most from your data. Our experts build apps that transfer data between systems but also manipulate that data into user-friendly reports and charts available at your fingertips.

    5. Target all screen sizes

    The beauty of using HTML5 is that you don’t need to develop separate apps for different platforms and devices. Our solutions will adapt to the screen from which your user is accessing your system.

    6. Testing

    Quality is at the heart of our software development process. To ensure your offline app won’t let you down, we put it through rigorous testing that simulates losses in connectivity.

    7. True mobility

    Only an offline or ‘occasionally connected’ app can empower users to work without interruption from a loss of connectivity. We can’t stop the phone from ringing but we can help you continue working even when offline.

  • Mobile Website Development

    Giving website visitors the best user experience, from any device

    Knowledge of your customer’s user journey is key to business advantage. Mobile web visitors behave differently to desktop users and catering to this specific audience is what makes your business work better. Google likes it. And customers are more engaged.

    How our Mobile Website Development can help you

    Our mobile developers and in-house design team create dedicated or responsive mobile sites that focus on your core objectives as a business. We work with you at every stage of your project to ensure that user experience is always front of mind. Encouraging users to perform the actions you want them to is our goal.

    We start by looking at your desktop website to analyse the features and information that is critical to the mobile journey. Working to your brand guidelines, we’ll create designs and prototypes to meet your exact needs. Then our quality Mobile Website Development and testing processes ensure that your new site displays consistently across all platforms and web browsers, giving every visitor to your site the best possible experience.

    Why choose us for your Mobile Website Development?
    1. Results focused

    Because we maintain our own company sites as well for our clients we have a lot of experience of what works and what drives results.

    2. Digital expertise

    Well-designed mobile sites make your business more favourable in search engines. If you need to be found, we can help make that happen.

    3. First impressions last

    Your website is your shop window. Our in-house UI/UX team will ensure that the quality of your site reflects the quality of your organisation.

    4. Built to grow

    Your sector, business and customers are constantly changing. As is technology. That’s why our experts build systems designed to evolve and integrate easily with new systems in the future.

    5. Easy to maintain

    Keeping content fresh is key. We develop sites using the Umbraco CMS so you don’t need to be a programmer to keep your site updated.

    6. Responsive design

    When your desktop site needs to work across different devices our agile approach to development and testing ensures that data is always consistently displayed.

    If your business could benefit fro expert mobile website guidance, get in touch with us today.