Cloud Application Services

Creating dynamic cutting edge cloud based applications for retail sales

Blue Sky Progression is a dynamic new software development company with two essential products designed with sales and after sales support in mind.

Data Collect

Data Collect – is a cloud-based product designed for your Field Sales/Merchandising Team. Via a hand-held device data can be collected and collated in real-time. It will deliver push-reporting 24/7 to your selected list of managers. Works on any OS, Windows, Apple, etc. Fully customisable to collect tactical information such as polls, feedback, stock levels. No more end of day reports. No more man hours collating data. It is the complete Sales Team package.

True Partner Care

True Partner Care – is a cloud-based help desk package which allows your customers to register requests, sales, and even the odd complaint. A transparent package which gives your trading partners complete feedback on the progress of their “ticket”. These requests can be automatically directed to the correct staff within your company and their response time against SLAs recorded and automatically reported on. Monitor road-blocks in your company in real-time and remove them before they cost you sales.

We will secure your data with top of the range SSL on sites monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No outages.

Both products can be purchased on licence (per user) or outright.